Twisted Metal: Black

5th August, 2003

Just a quick note; I've done a little work on the MyTMA page. I've added three more posts that I'd made at TMA, including two that won the esteemed title of "Post of the Week"... two times in a row! Be sure to check them out.

Also, please don't forget to email me your favourite bits of strategy. Come on, I'm sure you've all got something up your sleeves...

3rd August, 2003

You've been clamouring for it... for quite a while now, and so I've finally done it; I've updated. For all the angry emails that I've been receiving, you'd better set yourself straight and make up for it!

Anyway, well it's at least a start. Nothing's been taken away, so you can still roam about as you're accustomed to, but please note the new sections (highlighted in green):

Strategy: I'm certainly not unstoppable when it comes to Twisted Metal, or anything, I'd imagine... but there are times when we all feel as if we are. So, if you've got any sort of personal tip that you think may help an amateur somewhere around the world, you can email me, using the form on the page, and I'll put it there for everyone to see. And no, I won't take credit for it.

MY TMA: TMA- the Twisted Metal Alliance- is the most comprehensive website on Twisted Metal available. Instead of rivaling them, I've been a part of it ever since day one!

However, there is a problem with TMA. Although it is the most informative web site when it comes to the world of Twisted Metal, it's based on forums: you'd have to search pretty hard to find the posts that contain the information you seek.

This is where I come in. I intend to gather links to the most significant TMA threads, and display them right here at my own site. It would take a while, so in the meantime, I've got links to some of my own posts at TMA, regarding Twisted Metal. Rest assured, my posts aren't bad (3 out of 5 of them were "Posts of the Week" at TMA).

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